“GAY HOLLYWOOD DAD”— Quentin Lee, Father

“Gay Hollywood Dad”

Quentin Lee, Father

Amos Lassen

Originally planned as a web series with multiple episodes, this project was turned into a documentary feature debut, centered on the life of Quentin Lee, a queer director who built an independent film career for himself. Lee wanted to have a child since the age of twelve and, after years of feeling guilty, undecided or scared to take the plunge, he finally decides that the time has  to  come for him to become a single parent. With the kindness of a surrogate mother and an egg donor, Quentin’s biological son, Junyi Casper Lee, was born on June 6, 2016. Lee takes time off from his profession in order to be there for his baby. He comes up with the idea of offering his child a unique birthday present: a web series all about him and how he came into this world.

Casper is born with the help of Crystal, a woman from Parkersburg who loves horses and has become very close to Leen who is forced to reconsider many of his day-to-day choices and completely turns his life around after his son is finally born. He is also faced with the challenge of introducing Casper to his conservative family. Moreover, Quentin now has to adapt his busy schedule and chaotic career obligations to fit his child’s needs, bringing Casper along to most of his on-set endeavors, including the premiere of his latest film, “Unbidden”.

We see what Lee has on his plate as the film follows  a year in his life as he invents himself once more this time as a parent.” “Gay Hollywood Dad” is the result of  Lee’s desire to eliminate the stigma surrounding single parenthood, particularly in relation to the LGBTQ community. Lee plans on documenting Casper’s growth and development over the next few years so we have that to long forward to.

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