“FRAT HO– USE MASSACRE”— Slashing the Greeks

“Frat House Massacre”

Slashing the Greeks

Amos Lassen


A gritty and twisted slasher film can b just the right thing especially when it is filled with good looking young guys in underwear. “Frat House Massacre” will take you back to the good old days when you watched slasher films with half closed eyes, afraid to see what would happen next. Here is a film with lots of gore and plenty of death scenes that even full blooded slasher fans will love. You can probably guess what this is about just from the title but there are lots of surprises. Set in 1979, it is filled with special effects and for a low budget film, there are high production values.

Sean and Bobby open with the film by arguing—Bobby wants to go to a party with friends and Sean wants him to have dinner with their guardian. Bobby does want he wants and is an accident that puts him in a coma and Seam wants to stay with but their guardian, Olivia males him go back to college and to his girlfriend. He listens and soon finds himself in a strange position with his fraternity brothers at Delta Iota Epsilon (DIE). Mark is the leader of the fraternity brotherhood and he is into cocaine and hazing and we learn that those who pledge the fraternity and do not make the next cut or just that cut—cut or gassed or shot or something else as terrible. This is before the internet and cell phones so people who disappear are not quickly missed.

Because of the setting in a fraternity house, the film is somewhat homoerotic with fit shirtless young men making appearances (but there are also some good looking females in the film).

Alex Pucci directs with great detail and there is even original music. The gore is sexy and savage and really a lot of fun.

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