“DICK CAVETT SHOW: INSIDE THE MIND OF…”— The Man and the Talk Show

“Dick Cavett Show: Inside The Mind Of….” The Man and the Talk Show Amos Lassen Dick Cavett has had his own talk show in a variety of formats and on a number of television and radio formats since he began in 1968. What we have here are releases that were taken from episodes that aired between 1968 through 1996 and feature some of the wittiest, edgy comics of the era including Robin Williams, Bobcat Goldthwait, Richard Lewis and Gilbert Gottfried.  Cavett conducted a two part interview with Williams on April 17, 1979, prior to the release of Popeye but at the height of his fame as Mork. Robert Francis ”Bobcat” Goldthwait continue their conversation in March of 1962 on May 26, 1962 on Cavett’s show. Richard Philip Lewis sat down with Cavett on September 13, 1990, during his run of starring on “Anything But Love.” Cavett’s conversation with Gilbert Jeremy Gottfried was added on in August 6, 1990, while he was still appearing on Saturday Night Live and in the midst of the release of 2 films and other television work. I found this DVD set to be a true treat and as a reflection of classic film and television comedy. Every Williams film that I have seen has been special and this is yet another one. I was reminded of the reality of a different place and time and of the genius of the set. Williams was still known for “Mork & Mindy” and was just starting to film “Popeye”. As expected, Williams used every prop he could find on the set to come up with something creatively funny. He is also honest and serious when he speaks about his depression issues (the ones that later killed him. The clips are unedited and include some adult language which probably was bleeped on TV.

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