“Coming Out”— Season 2 Old Friends Amos Lassen I often wondered what happened to my friends from the first season of “Coming Out” since I had not heard anything about the release of a second season. We return to Montreal and to Matt, Caroline, Hugo, Geneviève and Olivier some 18 months later and see that they have all changed a lot. “Coming Out: Season 2” features twelve exceptional new episodes of the series. You need not have seen season one to appreciate season two as the references made to the past are all explained . Here are a group of gay people from Montreal that share their troubled love lives and day lives. Matt seems to be the main character; he has returned from New York but one of the first people he meets is his ex-boyfriend (the man he left to get away from – but is there still a spark? We also have the two doctors the husband of one has left her and now lives with her colleague playing ‘not so happy families’ with his two daughters. Likewise we hear from the lesbian social worker, the fabulous Mexican art promoter and many other characters.
This series follows a similar format to the first in that there are twelve episodes that all last around 10 minutes each. They do not waste any time at all but it seems that as soon as we get hooked on what is happening, it is over.

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