“The Looking Glass: Tales of Light and Dark” by H. L. Sudler— Looking Within

Sudler, H.L. “The Looking Glass: Tales of Light and Dark”, Archer Publishing, 2018. Looking Within Amos Lassen I feel I must begin this review with an explanation. “The Looking Glass” is not a new book for me; I have had a copy for months now and I actually read it when I first received it. I sat down at least five times to write my review and nothing came out of me. Regarding this book, I had complete writer’s block and I could not understand why. I finally realized that this was because this book spoke to me on such a deep and personal level that I did not want to share my feelings but that was not fair to writer H.L. Sudler who was waiting to hear how I felt about his work.  Had reviewed him in the past several ties and my thoughts were always positive but I had reached a point where I had nothing to say and if any of you know me, you know that has to be a special time. To make thigs even more interesting is that I had just posted my “Best List” and this book was not on it. I thought to myself that if it had affected me so much why was I not  sharing that? I decided the time had come to make myself write this review so here goes….. something. One of the blurbs on the book reads, “Are you prepared to look in the mirror? Are you ready to look deep inside yourself”? We know the answer to that. Most of us who read do so for enjoyment and not for self-inspection, etc. We know ourselves, don’t we? I think we can all be surprised at how little we know about ourselves and here is where the personal aspect of Sudler’s book takes us. There are eleven diverse stories here and they take us on self-journeys without our realizing it. We go inside ourselves to places we do not usually go, if ever. Let me just quote Sudler’s thoughts about the stories:
“In GOODMAN, the Devil takes on an unexpected form to torture his prey…in SKEEVE!, a thousand inhuman heartbeats seize the night…in BLOOD MOON, a fraternity hazing takes a monstrous turn…in WRAITH, frightful apparitions deliver a ghastly truth…in NIGHT AS WE KNOW IT, lies and deception underscore a reunion between two old friends…in WAKE THE DEAD, grave robbers discover that evil never really dies…in MIDNIGHT, a handsome playboy has the worst birthday ever…in YOU WON’T FORGET ME, a serial killer plans an elaborate trap for his unsuspecting third victim, his wife…in DAYTRIPPERS, teens take a field trip they’ll never forget…in THE FURY, a devastating betrayal sends a marriage spinning irreversibly out of control, and in THE LOOKING GLASS, flirtation takes an unusual route to love.” While the themes may at first seem quite distanced from our daily lives, I have the feeling that once you read them, you will understand why I say this is such a personal read.  But wait a second— these thought provoking and disturbingstories deal with horror, something that we believe to be far away from us.What we might not realize that each of us has horror buried deep within himselfand like there is love and innocence that is part of our psyche other is alsohorror, fear and even bigotry. This is what I did not want to commit to paperbecause as long as it is in my thoughts no one has to now. The moment it iswritten, it is up for grabs and I do not like allowing myself to be so vulnerable.It usually takes being vulnerable to know who we really are. I did not thinkthat Sudler know me well enough to write about me but then we was not writing aboutme, he wrote about us. I am probably making very little sense but I am completelyin command when I tell you that you must read this book and for the very simplereason that the more we get to know ourselves, the better friends we can be.This review is disjointed and does not make much sense to me andprobably not to you. What I am trying to say is that this little book will helpyou know yourself and all you have to do is to allow yourself to be pulled in.

“Are you ready to gaze into The Looking Glass?”

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