“Santa is a Vampire” by Damian Serbu— Just in Time for Christmas

Serbu, Damian. “Santa is a Vampire”, Nine Star Press, 2018. Just in Time for Christmas Amos Lassen Have you ever wondered why Santa Claus has stopped aging? He looks the same all the time and I wager that he has always looked the way he does. He is probably a couple of centuries old but still resembles  our grandfathers. (Not my grandfather, I am Jewish and we have the Chanukah fairy instead of Santa Claus). Could Santa be like the others who have never died? Is Santa a vampire and one of the undead? How many mothers will now allow their children to sit on the old vampire’s lap? Simon the Elf who you might remember from Damian Serbu’s “Santa’s Kinky Elf, Simon” tells us that Santa is a vampire but he has hidden that from the world. In fact, Santa lives in a place where he can have slaves who are elves and. animals that are enchanted. But Santa’s home is a very dark place and there are some very suspicious happenings there. Simon the Elf tells Santa’s story through his journal. Naturally, it is a rude awakening to think that the man who takes care of all the world’s children can also turn them into blood-sucking animalistic individuals. I must say that I have always enjoyed reading Damian Serbu’s vampire stories but I approached this one with trepidation knowing this could ruin the way we think about the bearded one in the red  suit. I just cannot picture Sarna dressed in black clothing or seeing his fangs when he smiles and licks his lips. Granted, this is  way out there kind of idea and surprisingly it works to give us a fine story that is not meant to be taken seriously.   As for Simon, I fell inlove with his sassiness and imagination. (Of course some of that imaginationsurely comes from amount of the alcohol he drank). Simon curses all the timewhen he lets down his inhibitions, he becomes fascinating. The humor here is attimes wonderful but also there are times when it is based on farts  and comes across as low brow. But with atitle of “Santa is a Vampire”, I should have understood that this is not atopic for intellectual discussion.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Let me warn you that there is graphic violence including murder, sexual abuseand rape. This is most certainly not great literature but it is a fun read. Ofcourse, you must read this with tongue in cheek. Not everyone will enjoy theread because they are not taking it for what it is.
It makes light of some very hard things and uses them either just for a laughor shock value. Nothing is meant to be taken seriously. Damian Serbu is a good author and I have read and reviewed all of his books and they are well written as is this. I do not think it will become a Christmas classic and that is fine.

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