“One Hundred Lyrics and a Poem” by Neil Tennant— From the Pet Shop Boys

Tennant, Neil. “One Hundred Lyrics and a Poem”, Faber and Faber, 2018. From the Pet Shop Boys Amos Lassen Over a career that spans forty years and thirteen studio albums with Pet Shop Boys, Neil Tennant has consistently proven himself to be one of the most elegant and stylish lyricists today. Arranged alphabetically, “One Hundred Lyrics and a Poem”is an overview of his chronicles of modern life: “the romance, the break-ups, the aspirations, the changing attitudes, the history, the politics, the pain.” The landscape of Tennant’s lyrics is totally British in character – “restrained and preoccupied with the mundane, occasionally satirical, yet also yearning for escape and theatrical release.” Surprisingly revealing, this volume is contextualized by a personal commentary on each lyric and an introduction by the author which gives insight into the process and genesis of writing. Flamboyant, understated, celebratory and elegiac, “Neil Tennant’s lyrics are a document of our times.”

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