“JUST ME”— A House Call

“Just Me”

A House Call

Amos Lassen

When Police Officer Connor (Carl Laughin) is doing house to house calls he is shocked to find Scott (Philip Olivier).  Something lets us know that the two have shared some intimate past, but before they can broach it, they are joined at the front door by a woman (Chauntelle Cowler). She lets it slip that she is Scott’s fiance and they are going to get married in the coming weeks.  She invites Connor to join the Stag Party which he politely refuses saying that his S & M gear probably wouldn’t be well accepted.  Scott became very interested in this.

On the night of the stag party in a local Liverpool pub, Scott is bored with his straight friends and leaves them and wanders off to the local gay club where a leather night is happening.  He sees Conner and at first is very reluctant to unwind, and when he finally does, he has a night he will not forget in many ways.

The short film focuses on Scott’s conflicted sexuality. Philip Olivier turns in a finely nuanced performance as bisexual Scott. He is no stranger to the LGBT community having once was in a Mr. Gay U.K. competition and has shed all his clothes more than once to grace the cover of gay magazines.

There is a very convincing chemistry between Olivier and Loughlin and this makes this film so watchable and enjoyable.

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