“The Real News!: The Never-Before-Told Stories of Donald Trump & Fake News!” by John Bernard Ruane— The Real Story

Ruane, John Bernard. “The Real News!: The Never-Before-Told Stories of Donald Trump & Fake News!”, Post Hill Press, 2018.

The Real Story

Amos Lassen

I remember when we used to laugh at some of the things that Donald Trump said but that was before he was “elected” president (lower case “p” is deliberate) of the United States and while we still might laugh. We do so with fear and disrespect for the highest office of this country. Without a doubt, Trump is the most controversial public figure in the world. What is so sad is that not only is he not qualified for public office but there is so much about hum that we do not know. Just the fact that he considers the media to be fake is enough for us to disrespect everything he says.

Journalist John Ruane takes us behind the scenes of Trump’s presidency and gives us a hilarious compilation of shocking news including the following: 

“A thrilling exposé on President Trump’s confirmed shooting of someone on Fifth Avenue to find out if he still had public support”.

“An all-access pass to Melania Trump’s unfiltered opinion of her husband”.

 “The secret meeting in the Oval Office where President Trump developed a plan to avoid the Washington Post’s fact-checkers and Pinocchio ratings”.

“The exclusive on the Democratic Party’s Secret Six, who discovered President Trump’s greatest weakness to gain his support on gun control”.

“ The untold story of former President Obama taking a flying leap off the Brooklyn Bridge”.

“The inside story on Oprah Winfrey’s final decision on running for president”.

Now all of this might sound quite funny but when we realize that so much of this is the truth, it loses laughs quickly.

John Ruane brings together satire and politics to give us a new way to look Donald Trump. We have learned in the past that political humor is not always funny but rarely has it been this sad before. We see how Trump’s remarks have had an impact on the political system both locally and internationally and while this is quite a fun read, it can also be seen as quite frightening. When comedy has serious irony and satire, it ceases to be funny and is taken for what it is and that is not “fake news.
Ruane looks at Trump and pokes fun at him but not in a mean or disrespectful way (something neither I or my friends would be able to do). Regardless of where you are politically, you will have plenty to laugh at here. Ruane is bipartisan in the way he explains how the American government got to where it is.

The book is a quick, fun read, with each chapter/story being self-contained.  It is up to you if you want to take it seriously.

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