“We: An Adoption and a Memoir” by Ben Barnz— Speaking in Simple Truths

Barnz, Ben. “We: An Adoption and a Memoir”,  Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, 2018.

Speaking in Simple Truths

Amos Lassen

Ben Barnz’s memoir, “We” is a story that is told in simple truths. We read about what it is to be a father, a son, a partner, an adopted family in a story that is filled with emotion and feeling yet there is also humor.

Writer Ben Barnz writes truth after truth about bringing a new child into this world and we see that this is always a complicated task, regardless of personal situation. Barnz’s heartrending honesty is about becoming yourself so your children can take their place in the world.” We are reminded of

the capacity of love. The story is told with beautiful honesty, vulnerability and humor. This is the story of “the author’s journey to fatherhood through the ups and downs of the complex adoption process.” We become aware of Barnz’s boundless love, reverence and uncommon honesty as he trods emotional path to parenthood. This is his story and he uses it to articulate “his very complicated, very human feelings about himself, his parents, his husband and the bizarre events that unfold after they bring their baby home.”


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