“The Leper Messiah” by Rob M. Levinson— Outcast, Traitor, Divine

Levinson, Rob M. “The Leper Messiah”, Tellwell Talent, 2018.

Outcast, Traitor, Divine

Amos Lassen

There are many characters in the Hebrew Bible that are difficult to understand and David, King of Israel tops that list. He is also one of the most mysterious characters in literature. “The Leper Messiah” follows David and takes us into the ancient world where we find the David code. Many of us have no idea why David is so mystifying and while his name is mentioned many times in the bible, we realize how little we really know about him. Writer Rob Levinson shares his passion for David in this fictional biography.


We read David’s story from his birth, childhood, his life as a shepherd, his adventures to his becoming and serving as King of Israel. His journey was very dark and twisted at times and his life lets us see the harsh living conditions, the dangers of travelling, and the hard lives of the poor people living with leprosy. We experience what David experienced including desert sand storms and so much more.

The book’s short description says this is a dark look and so it is. This is the story of David, the David of the David and Goliath story. He becomes one of the most important figures in Jewish history and religion. We meet David as a baby, as a boy, as a shepherd, as a man and as a king.

The story is is inspiring but dark with major plots and evil doings. The book begins with David’s childhood and see that his several older brothers gained their fathers respect, but David had a rough time living up to this. He’s kind of an underdog. We go on adventures with David as he learns about the world and accomplishes amazing things even from a young age. This is an epic story that is filled with adventure, mysticism, and danger and the focus is always on David. people in David’s life, through the deadly or strange encounters his mother, brother, and friends experience that shape how they see the future king. We see David gain confidence and knowledge that will protect his rule.

The story gives a different look at his destiny and much of it comes from the imagination of the writer. It is, however, based on the bible.  This is a well-crafted story that also includes the historic traditional.  Levison uses truth and biblical reference and conjecture and imagination combined with mysticism, raw reality and lineage/family and these all add add to the tension of the story.

David was an outcast, even within his own family. Something has always seemed off about the boy, causing most people to avoid and /or ostracize him and even fear him. David felt that he was destined for something more than a shepherd’s life and would do whatever it took to prove himself right.

While the book is basically centered on David and his childhood (his life before he became king), he is not the only important character. Scorpion and Arlemay have stories were even more captivating than David’s. These characters emphasized the themes brought up by David’s main story, especially the need of society to notice outcasts.

I did have problems with some of what I learned from history as opposed to what is presented here so it important to realize that this is fiction. Some of this is historically inaccurate and I feel better now that I have said that. Remember that this is fantasy.

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