“Young, Gay & Restless: My SCANDALOUS On-Screen & Off-Screen Sexual Liberations” by Thom Bierdz— Memoir of a Soap Hunk

Bierdz, Thom. “Young, Gay & Restless: My SCANDALOUS On-Screen & Off-Screen Sexual Liberations”, Bierdz, 2018.

Memoir of a Soap Hunk

Amos Lassen

Thom Bierdz is Phillip Chancellor III on “The Young and the Restless”. He brings us his new sex memoir with the sensationalism of his brother Troy’s story. Bierdz has had to transcend the tragedy of his schizophrenic brother murdering their mom as well as his own scandalous (often amusing) sex adventures. Bierdz was a young closeted cowboy from the sexually-shaming Midwest who became a soap opera star and now 30 years later exposes his amusing and “complicated carnal journey including sexual assaults, trysts with stars, a proposition from a bishop, romance with a famed billionaire, noncommittal relationships, social anxiety, taboo fantasies, penile enlargement, psycho fan roommate, online hook-ups, gym sex, mid-life crisis, leaving Hollywood and society, impotence and rekindled romance.” The book is sexually explicit and contains nude photographs and graphic language. SEXUALLY EXPLICIT. Bierdz has appeared on “Melrose Place”, “Murder She Wrote”, “Matlock”, “Old Dogs New Tricks” and is currently president of www.AmericanArtAwards.com.