“Death Checks In”, (A Detective Heath Barrington Mystery #3) by David S. Pederson— Away for a Weekend

Pederson, David S. “Death Checks In”, (A Detective Heath Barrington Mystery #3), Bold Strokes Books, 2018.

Away for a Weekend

Amos Lassen

Detective Heath Barrington and his partner, Alan Keyes, looked forward to being away together in Chicago on a weekend of romance in which they leave Wisconsin behind. Instead they find murder. A missing tie leads them to the body of the very peculiar Victor Blount, and Heath has an urge to investigate. There are clue everywhere but no one understands heir meanings. It is clear that these clues mean something and as Alan and Heath continue to work on the case, they find suspects, friends and a hostile detective by the name of Marty. Alan and Heath have no cooperation and are out of their neighborhood and jurisdiction.

The guys were really intent on being sightseers for the weekend but all that changed with their unplanned and involuntary involvement in a murder.

This is a classic murder mystery; an old-fashioned style mystery ala Agatha Christie. The Chicago police believe this to be a random crime, but Heath is convinced it is premeditated murder and this is what gets him involved in the case.

The pace is very slow until the murder mystery kicks in and then the story moves along nicely. I would have liked some more character development. Since I am not a mystery reader, I hoped that the characters would keep me reading and they did to a certain extent. We do not get much about Heath and Alan’s relationship and their was something missing in their dialogue.

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