“That Was Something” by Dan Callahan— Before the Party’s Over

Callahan, Dan. “That Was Something”, Squares and Rebels, 2018.

Before the Party is Over

Amos Lassen

There are two people in Bobby Quinn’s life that he cannot get out of his mind.. Ben Morrissey is a Casanova/Don Juan who is a famous photographer in Manhattan in the 1990s and Monika Lilac a femme fatale in love with silent film. Bobby wants Ben but Ben wants Monika. The story is set in Manhattan two decades ago at a time of great parties and an exciting art scene. At times comedic and at times in your face, this is a story about obsession and reminds us of what gay life was like not so far in the past.

“Callahan documents the chemical reaction that occurs when gayness and bi-curiosity greet each other in the dark room.” The story is propelled by wonderfully drawn characters and there is no way you can guess what will happen next.

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