“Someday” by David Levithan— A Sequel

Levithan, David. “Someday”, Knopf for Young Readers, 2018.

A Sequel

Amos Lassen

I have been a fan of David Levithan for as long as I can remember and in fact, two of his books were the first that I ever reviewed some 12 years ago. I am often asked if I think that it is possible to enjoy a sequel without reading the book that comes before it (“Every Day”). Sometimes it is possible and sometimes not. With Levithan it is possible but we are also enticed into the reading the books we did not read. I usually read everything that Levithan writes but somehow I missed “Every Day” but will read it soon.

For as long as A can remember, life has meant waking up in a different person’s body every day, forced to live as that person until the day ended. A always thought there wasn’t anyone else who had a life like this. He was wrong and there are others who do the same. A has already been wrestling with powerful feelings of love and loneliness. Along comes an understanding of the extremes that love and loneliness can lead to and what it’s like to discover that you are not alone in the world. These are certainly not unique feelings and we have all felt them at some time in our lives.

“Someday” takes us deeper into the lives of A, Rhiannon, Nathan, and Reverend Poole. We further explore the questions of what is a soul and what makes us human? Writer David Levithan looks at identity and equality and question what makes a person amazing. The premise of a new body every day is amazing and the fact that the body is borrowed is even more amazing.

This book moves very slowly and jumps between Nathan, ‘A’, ‘X’, ‘M’, and Rhiannon because of the many points of view. The payoff, however, is an excellent read that makes you think. To me that is the sign of good literature.

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