“A Recipe for Love” by Lucy J. Madison— Rediscovery and Transformation

Madison, Lucy J. “A Recipe for Love”, Labrador, 2018.

Rediscovery and Transformation

Amos Lassen

Two of my guilty pleasures are good food and good books and if I can get them both at the same time then I am on top of the world. Just recently Lucy Madison’s “Recipe for Love” put me there. Set in Piedmont, New York, we meet Danika Ross who has just retired from her job as a mail carrier after having been one for some 30 years. However, retirement for her is not what she thought it would be and she is not happy. Danika lives in her childhood home and at 55, she has already taken care of her terminally ill partner and her “unloving father” and she finds herself somewhere back in time. She wants to move forward but has no idea on how to do so.

I have noticed that we do not get many stories about the older member of the LGBT community and we so badly need them.

Natalie, her best friend suggests that she make a bucket list and then begin to pursue the items on it. She decides to take a cooking class in Italian food and has no idea of what to expect. Danika had no idea that she would make an impression of the instructor and meet Finn Gerrard, a young native American woman. One of the great things about being alive are the surprises we get when we do not expect them. Finn was Danika’s surprise and her catalyst for rediscovery and transformation.

Because Danka has spent her whole life doing for others, she did not really know what real happiness is or where to look for it. Life is a journey that begins with birth and ends with death but what is important is what comes between those two poles. Danika had to learn that happiness comes when a person understands him or herself and is willing to take risks. As she gained self-confidence, Danika gained so much more.

Lucy Madison gives s a well-written stories with believable characters and a theme that we can all relate to. I did not include some of the twists in the story because I want you to discover the book yourselves but I can tell you that many of us have been where Danika was.

Then there is the bonus of getting wonderful recipes in the back of the book.

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