“THE GUARD”— Who is Denny?

“The Guard”

Who is Denny?

Amos Lassen

Denny (Bryan Veronneau) is a young married guy about to celebrate the birth of his first child. He should be happy but for some reason, Denny is having a hard time handling it. He truly loves his wife, Emma (Erika Thormahlen),he does so very much but the thought of a family is setting Denny off some sleepless nights which is affecting his job as a security guard for a office complex.

His boss, can’t really help Denny who is starting to looking rather tired and strained. Once when he looked a bit a rough, Denny’s boss had to send him home.Denny seeks advice from his local priest confiding that he is having trouble eating and sleeping and the priest offers some thoughts and prayers and sends Denny along. Desperate to find some peace in order to come to grips with his fears and doubts, Denny heads to the woods and what he finds will change his life forever….“The Guard” is extremely intense and dark with too many questions and not enough answers as we try and figure out why Denny is so afraid of becoming a father and having a family.  Why didn’t he address these fears with Emma? Or least with another friend who has a family?

Instead we are left to watch Denny and don’t understand how he got to where he is. Suspense only works when you can’t understand a inkling of the reason why.Mark Battle co-wrote and directed the film andVeronneau and Thormahlen are excellent as the expectant parents. What’s missing is information about Denny and I hope that will come to light.

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