“Television’s Lost Classics Volume One”

Classic Programs

Amos Lassen

“Televisions Lost Classics” is a special series of lost classic programs from the Golden Age of TV. The series has been restored by SabuCat Productions from the best archival film elements available in high definition, some of the programs have not been seen since they were originally broadcast. Volume One features 2 one-hour dramatic programs that feature John Cassavetes. I remember so well growing up in this golden age and it is great fun to revisit those shows that I had completely forgotten. The two programs here star top talent. We must remember that back in the 1950s when these originally aired that camera were big and bulky, lights on the set got very hot, music as live and microphones had to kept out of the frame. Performances were intense and we certainly see that with Cassavetes.

The first of the two programs here is “Crime in the Streets” from The Elgin Hour (the Elgin watch commercials are great fun) and was broadcast live on ABC on March 8, 1955. Directed by Sidney Lumet, it stars Robert Preston, John Cassavetes and Glenda Farrell. The second program is “No Right to Kill” and was originally part of the Climax! Series under the sponsorship of the Chrysler Corporation. It was based on “Crime and Punishment and broadcast on CBS on August 9, 1956 and also stars Cassavetes.

By watching these two programs, we see just how far we’ve come. I totally enjoyed the experience.

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