“I Give You My Heart” by Robin Anderson— Anderson, An Unforgettable Character

Anderson, Robin. “I Give You My Heart”, CreateSpace, 2018.

Anderson, An Unforgettable Character

Amos Lassen

When I was growing up and studying in the New Orleans Public Schools way back when people actually went to public schools, we were required (for English class) to get a subscription to the student edition of “Reader’s Digest”. When each issue arrived I would quickly turn to the article about the most unforgettable character. I wonder now why Robin Anderson was never one of those. By my count he has written some 36 books and he never fails to get a laugh out of me when I read his work. As proficient as he is, it sometimes feels like a long time between books but that is because I read him so quickly. He writes ribald stories that make you laugh and gasp simultaneously.

Now his new book, “I Give You My Heart” is a mixture of comedy and horror but what really defines it is how Anderson writes— it is as if he chose each word specifically for his book. And as ribald as he is, he still writes with a style that is uniquely is. As much as I have thought that I know what to expect, he always manages to surprise me. This time he tells a fairy tale with equal emphasis on the politically incorrect “fairy” and “tale”.

The satire here I about a serial killer and the novels that are written about serial killers. Let me give you advance warning— clear you day before you start to red because once you do, you will be turning pages as quickly as possible and there are 400 plus pages. It all begins on quite a horrible note and although I would love to share that, it would affect your ability to enjoy the read. Pay careful attention to the names of the characters as this is where Anderson excels. His puns and plays on words are stunningly amazing. I am realizing as I write this that the more I write, the less I can say since I do not want to spoil the read for anyone but keep Valentine’s Day in mind. Let me close by saying that I do not want you to get the wrong idea; Anderson is no supercilious writer; he is a serious writer who can write supercilious books.

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