“Amnesia Nights” by Quentin Skinner— Insecurities and Fears

Skinner, Quinton. “Amnesia Nights”, Fentum Press, 2018.

Insecurities and Fears

Amos Lassen

It has been good for John Wright lately. He has been having strange sightings and he cannot seem to control his memory. He has a girlfriend named Iris who he has not seen in three years because of a falling out and he is not sure if she is dead or alive or whether he killed her. He had simply bolted from their apartment and since that night he has been living off money that he stole from Iris’s father. He has just been waiting for the police to find him and charge him as a murderer but he is not sure that he is. In fact, John is not sure of anything.

We learn that Iris was the only happiness John had in his life. When they went to college together, John became her special project and she worked hard to help him move from being a nerdy, shy introvert into a debonair and elegant man who was sure of himself.. Now that Iris is no longer around, John is bombarded with memories that are unfortunately loaded with guilt and uncertainty.

Then one day, Iris returns… or does she? Is this really Iris or simply an extension of John’s troubled mind? It will take a great deal of thought and introspection to answer this question and we find ourselves embarking on John’s journey with him. John is driven by a blood stained club in his possession along with $400,000 cash. (Have you been pulled in yet?—- I was so pulled in by a description that I read that I read the entire book in one sitting).

This is a mystery with a psychological bend and there is a lot more here than meets the naked eye. Because of that I cannot say anymore about the plot except that it is character driven. While I would not be able to classify “Amnesia Nights” as literature, I can classify it as a terrific read that is filled with great characters. Sometimes psychological suspense is just what some want out of life and if that is you, you want to get a copy ASAP. Beware and understand that you become part of the mystery yourself here.

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