“The Israel Bible” by Tuly Weisz— Honoring Israel’s First Seventy Years

Weisz, Tuly. “The Israel Bible” (Hebrew and English Edition), Menorah, 2018

Honoring Israel’s First Seventy Years

Amos Lassen

The Israel Bible is the world’s first Bible that truly focuses on the Land of Israel, the People of Israel, and the relationship between them. It is non-sectarian in that it was designed for both Jewish and non-Jewish readers alike. We get a new and unique commentary that explains why God was so focused on the Land of Israel. We have both the original Hebrew text and the New Jewish Publication Society translation. All 929 chapters of the Hebrew Bible highlight Israel and included are relevant quotes and perspectives from prime ministers, maps, charts and illustrations. With what is going on right now in Israel, it is important to know the background and here it is part of the commentary. As a way to understand the situation in Israel today, it is necessary to understand the background and this is what makes this bible so important (and such a pleasure).

Not only is “The Israel Bible” a wonderful translation but it contains beautiful illustrations and excellent study aids. There are charts, study notes and enlightening essays. I think that we often forget that the bible is the story of the connection of the Jewish people to the land that was promised to them by God thus making Israel the central focus and the object of forty years of wandering. Therefore it is important to have as much as possible about Israel in the commentaries and the notes.

Israel is the Torah’s main theme and we understand the major role that it plays by having a Bible that is all about the Land of Israel.


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