“Trans Teen Survival Guide” by Fox Fisher and Owl Fence— All you Need to Know To Know

Fisher, Fox and Owl Fox. “Trans Teen Survival Guide”, Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2018.

All You Need to Know

Amos Lassen

Frank, friendly and funny, The “Trans Teen Survival Guide” is “frank, friendly and funny”. But more than that, it is filled with valuable information for transgender and non-binary teens. It is a book that keeps them informed, empowered and armed with all the hints and tips, confidence and practical advice that are needed to navigate life as a trans teen. Fox and Owl Fisher try to answer every question that has to do with trans life. There are chapters on coming out, on proper pronoun usage, how to put on a packer and how to get through cross-hormonal therapy to name just a few.

Fox and Owl are Trans youth activists Fox and Owl put the focus on self-care, expression and pride your unique identity. Because they themselves are trans Fox and Owl are able to tell what it is like to be trans teen and help save some with potentially life-saving advice on dealing with dysphoria or depression. Here is a look the major issue of gender identity and we see that gender is a complicated social construct and is a difficult concept to define.

Being trans means being different and I believe that no harder one tries, the definition becomes more and more difficult. Here is where this book really helps. It is such an important addition to our literature.


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