“Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Trans (But Were Afraid to Ask)” by Brynn Tannehill— What We Need to Know and More

Tannehill, Brynn. “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Trans (But Were Afraid to Ask)”, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2018.

What We Need to Know and More

Amos Lassen

A book like “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Trans (But Were Afraid to Ask)” is very difficult to review in that it is very much a collection of questions and answers. I believe that it was designed to destroy the falsities about trans people and to answer the questions so many of us have.

Author Brynn Tannehill is a leading trans activist and essayist and tells us everything we ever wanted to know about transgender issues. The book breaks down deeply held misconceptions about trans people across all aspects of life including politics, law and culture, through to science, religion and mental health and we gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be trans. Tannerhill starts with the basics by defining what transgender means and then we move into the more complex issues and topics. These include growing up trans, dating and sex, medical and mental health, and debates around gender and feminism. Brynn also challenges deceptive information about transgender people being that has reached the public and transphobic myths are and biased research are cast out along with bad statistics and bad science.

By reading this, it is possible and even probable that we become more informed. The book is heavily footnoted so all information comes from a place of importance and the entire book is highly readable… and recommended. A very valuable bibliography is also included.


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