“GODS” (“DIOSES”)— Moving Up?

“GODS (Dioses)”

Moving Up?

Amos Lassen

Elisa is getting married to a very wealthy man and she cannot wait to abandon the working class and become a member of the A-List. However, she learns that her marriage comes with her soon-to-be husband’s children, Diego who is being groomed to come into his father’s business and Andrea, a party girl who is both loved and hated by Diego. Both children are rebels against the class they are in and contrasted to Elisa.

From Peru, this movie concentrates on a group of people that we rarely hear about from that country. The film is complex and dark but also quite droll. We see how removed the characters are from themselves in almost every way. Directed by Josue Mendez, we see that life among the rich is not always what we and they think it is.



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