“THE BREEDING”— An Obsession

“The Breeding”

An Obsession

Amos Lassen

Daniel Armando’s erotic thriller “The Breeding” about a young artist whose obsession with a taboo fetish leads to life altering consequences is not a usual gay themed film and it is hard to decide whether its eroticism or its thriller aspects define it more. Dane Harrington Joseph wrote the screenplay about obsession and race relations.

I watch a lot of LGBTQ films and I must say that “The Breeding” pushes the envelope about as far as it can go. This is an edgy film that dares to go where others are not ready to do so, In fact this film embraces it’s going farther and is perhaps a sigh of things to come.

Set in Harlem, sex-positive queer cartoonist Thomas (Marcus Bellamy) gets his inspiration from his erotic adventures that his partner and boyfriend Amadi (David J. Cork) knows nothing about. While involved in a chance restroom encounter with Lee (Joe MacDougall), a recently divorced financier, Thomas becomes curious about exploring the taboo fetish of race play.

However when the game becomes too real, actions that will forever change the trajectory of these men’s lives come into play. While I cannot say too much about the plot, I can say that this is a film that is loaded with drama, sex, and suspense and is “a raw examination of sexuality and cultural identity for the post-Obama era.”

Shortly after filming wrapped in 2016, Marcus Bellamy was arrested after beating and strangling his boyfriend, 27-year-old Bernardo Almonte. He confessed to the murder in a super cryptic Facebook post that is still up on the site.

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