“REINA”— A Comedy of Ridicule



A Comedy of Ridicule

Amos Lassen

“Reina,” is a 14-minute comedy short written and directed by Philip Vickery. It opens with an awkward first date between a couple in a restaurant. Seth (Sergio Castillo) sits across from Michelle (Kat Peña), and speaks nonstop about Reina. Michelle is bored and looking at her iPhone hoping the evening will soon be over. Then suddenly the scene changes to a bar and a robbery and we learn that Reina is not a woman but a dog that Seth lost during a recent breakup.

Michelle is stunned to learn that Seth is pining over a dog and she looks at him like he had just come from a distant planet. He more Seth rants, the sadder he looks and he begs Michelle to try to understand and give him another chance and she does. As a result they soon find themselves with three robbers who played as stereotypical caricatures

The robbers (Travis Mitchell, Ron Orlovsky and Woodrow Proctor) are effective despite not being on screen much.To really understand what is going on in “Reina”, the viewer must suspend belief and when you watch this, you will understand why. The thieves don’t appear menacing, nor particularly competent and they and Seth share their love for dogs.

When we first meet Seth he is telling a long story about being separated from Reina. When robbers Dmitry, Sergey, and Vlad (Ron Orlovsky, Travis Mitchell and Woodrow Proctor) become involved, we see that this film could be a tragedy. Yet this is a  comedy that looks at some of the more painful experiences that we all share. The looks on the actors’ faces makes this worth seeing and while it is a bit crazy, it is also realistic. I laughed for twelve of the fourteen minutes.

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