“NO NIGHT IS TOO LONG”— A Story of Descent

“No Night is Too Long”

A Story of Descent

Amos Lassen


“No Night is Too Long” is a thriller of love gone wrong; the story of how one guy, Tom Cornish (Lee Williams), falls to almost unbelievable depths. His life stated fine; the was a good looking young man and a fine writing student at the university but then one kiss and a secret tryst caused him react and he began a journey of betrayal and murder. We get his story in flashback and it is a story of passion used in the wrong way.

At university Tim is an excellent student and spends his time studying when he is not trying to get the attention of Dr. Ivo Steadman (Mark Warren), a lecturer in Paleontology. Steadman seems to be so preoccupied with his fossil studies that he misses what is going on outside of his lab. Somehow Tim manages to find a way into Steadman’s heart and the two men begin something of a relationship and Steadman confesses that he loves Tim, something that Tim, who loves being in love, cannot hear and he begins to find himself turning on the man. He turns to Isabel Winwood; he has to face Steadman who is obviously totally enamored with him.

This is a dark movie with twists and turns and wonderful acting. This is also the story of murder and I am saying this not to spoil your experience of seeing the film because you learn that right when the film opens. The cinematography is a treat for the eyes especially of the scenes in Alaska. There are also some very sensuous scenes as we watch Tim go through all of the emotions from happiness and joy to love to hate.



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