“ALONE ON THE ISLAND OF BLUE DOLPHINS”— A Documentary by Paul Goldsmith

“Alone on the Island of the Blue Dolphins”

A Documentary by Paul Goldsmith

Amos Lassen

Paul Goldsmith’s “Alone on the Island of Blue Dolphins” is a visual feast and a wonderful resource for teachers of fourth graders who read Scott O’Dell’s novel. For many of them this is the first book that they read from start to finish. It has been chosen because it is the story of survival and empowerment. It has never gone out of print and has become part of the education of nearly half a million 4th graders.

The book is the story of a 12 year-old Native American girl who was left alone for 18 years on San Nicolas Island, the most remote of California’s Channel Islands, during the 19th century. She survived with her dog for 18 years before being ‘rescued’ and brought to Santa Barbara where she died and is buried in the Santa Barbara Mission.

The true story that inspired the book is even more extraordinary than the fictionalized version. This is the documentary that goes out to the island and goes to the Lone Woman’s campsite and cave. It is amazing how the film captures the adventure that she experienced years earlier and it does so visually. The film combines science, history and photographic recreation.

 Bonus short films included on the DVD:

1) Lone Woman Artifacts Found in Santa Barbara

2) Nicolenos before the Island of the Blue Dolphins

3) Ernestine De Soto on Religion

4) More about Scott O’Dell and his novel

5) The Cache – The Archeology Story

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