“Zombielicious” by Timothy McGivney– Land and Lust

McGivney, Timothy. “Zombielicious”, MLR Press, 2011.

Land and Lust

Amos Lassen

Zombies are big business now and this story is about Walt and Joey who meet after an outbreak of zombies and find instant attraction. They team up together with Jill, a former porn star now a nurse, a security guard named Ace and Molly, who dreams of becoming a star.

Zombies are not the only danger in this post-apocalyptic world—the living also pose threats in this exploitation novel of melodrama, sex and fun. Our five heroes not only fight the zombies, they fight each other and as time movies on they learn about love and life. The focus of the story seems to be on the zombie apocalypse but as the novel moves forward we learn that there are other themes as well.  Each chapter is narrated by one of the characters so we have five different points of view and this makes the story that much more fun because everyone sees things differently.

I love the way the book is written and it is interesting to know that there are other monsters aside from zombies here. We do not even know what got the zombies going in the first place but we do have our five survivors facing lots of blood and gore. It is the characters and how they interact that make this book such a good read. Do not expect a lot of zombie business because what you get is a good story with wild characters and the zombies, in effect, only provide the background. The writing is excellent and I had a great time.

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