“RECORDS COLLECTING DUST II”— The 1980s Hardcore Punk Scene

“Records Collecting Dust II”

The 1980s Hardcore Punk Scene

Amos Lassen

“Records Collecting Dust II” is a look at 28 influential people from the 1980’s hardcore punk rock music scene people in Boston, New York and Washington DC and is made up of in depth interviews. They talk about the music, the bands and the records that changed their lives. We hear from Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat, John Joseph of Cro-Mags, Dave Smalley of DYS, Roger Miret of Agnostic Front and Clif Croce of The Freeze and to be honest I had never heard of any of them before watching the film.

I understand that this is a follow-up DVD to a 2015 documentary of the same name that I have yet to see. It helps if you know the bands profiled here but I enjoyed it without knowing them. We see the musicians as they answer questions such as

“What was the first record you heard?” or “what was the first record you bought?” Most of those the interviewed grew up in the 1960s and 70s, we learn that a lot of the first records they bought were The Beach Boys, The Who, Alice Cooper, Kiss and Led Zeppelin. Most of them seem to be just average collectors and it is interesting that none of them speak of “hard core” bands as influences.

We do not get to hear any of the recordings mentioned and there is practically no music except an occasional clip from a heavy metal performance that is not identified. I am quite sure that there is a limited audience for this but I did enjoy watching it and I learned a bit.

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