“JUST FRIENDS” (“Gewoon Vrienden”)


Amos Lassen

There is something very sweet about “Just Friends” but that is about all it is—just a sweet little film and very basically the boy-gets-boy, boy-loses-boy story is quite usual. In one scene, for example, two very fit and muscular gay boys are in a diner, and a puny little homophobic kid starts calling them faggots. While one of the boys to deal with this, the other runs away. The ‘boys’ are in their mid-20s and still live with their mothers who have a great deal to say about their sons. The mothers are racists but do not have problems with their sons being gay.

Director, Ellen Smit tries hard and she and her writer had the chance to make a substantial film about race and homosexuality but something happened and we get more of a thwarted lovers story.








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