“24×36: A MOVIE ABOUT MOVIE POSTERS”— A Documentary


A Documentary

Amos Lassen

“24×36: a Movie About Movie Posters” is a documentary that explores the world of illustrated movie poster art, the artists who create it, companies and studios that commission it, galleries that display it and collectors and fans who hang it. In other words it is everything you ever wanted to know about movie posters.

Through interviews with a number of key art personalities from the ’70s and ’80s, as well as many modern, alternative poster artists, the film sets out to answer our most burning questions such as what happened to the illustrated movie poster? Where did it disappear to, and why?

In the mid 2000s, feeling and filling the void left behind by Hollywood’s abandonment of illustrated movie posters, independent artists and galleries began selling limited edition screen-printed posters. This movement quickly grew into a multi-million dollar industry, with prints selling out online in seconds, inspiring Hollywood studios to once again take notice of illustration in movie posters.

The film explores the birth, death and resurrection of the illustrated movie poster. This new Blu-ray edition features bonus material including additional interviews and the official trailer, surround sound as well as English subtitles for the deaf and hearing-impaired or for those of us who just like subtitles.

The topic of movie posters, and their ever-changing and evolving style is a great idea for a documentary. It’s a topic that’s rarely ever discussed anymore except for complaining about the prices. The state of movie posters in general, it’s pretty sad. They were once an art form and each decade offered a different style and each was very much an artistic endeavor, with the work being done in the 80’s being a critical and commercial high point. Once we got into the 90’s, it started to change, with photography once again coming into the format and hand-drawn or painted artwork no longer being popular. It got worse with Photoshop, where every single new film is either a floating head of the star, or a badly rendered collage of images from the film. This documentary is enlightening, and entertaining and a fun way to spend 2 hours. I especially found it interesting seeing the artists responsible for the artwork and hearing their thoughts on the current movement and where it’s headed.

The film begins by talking about the history of movie poster art and covers some of the classic artists responsible for some of the most iconic images in movie advertising. However, the film then became something of a commercial for Mondo posters (and others like them). It is important to know that Mondo prints are not movie posters. They were never used in the advertising of the films, and there is absolutely nothing iconic about them.

If you love movies, movie posters, and/or art in general you will enjoy this.

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