“ALL OVER AGAIN”— Rediscovery

“All Over Again”


Amos Lassen

Gregory (Joseph Fuoco) is a family man and a guitarist who tries to reignite his passion for music with the hopes of performing again one day. We first see him fooling around with his guitar and then we quickly shift to open mic night at the Bus Stop Music Cafe, a place in New Jersey. It is one of those friendly hangouts with a regular crowd who actively support those who take part in providing the entertainment. When Greg was a young husband and father, he loved playing the guitar and we understand that even with this love, he pushed it aside and concentrated on being a father and part of a family. Yet he has been working on a song and trying to gain the courage to sing it and play in front of an audience. This is the basic plot of the short 17-minute film but what is really interesting is that it that short amount of time we get to know and care for the characters. We watch various performers at the cafe and we see Greg’s home life with wife and son as well as his work on the guitar. At the end we see Greg sing his song.

It all begins with Greg accompanying his friend Luis (David Andro) to open mic night as he rediscovers his love of the guitar. We also see that in writing a song and eventually performing it pushed him to deal with his emotional baggage first— so much so that his wife (Constance Reshey) and son (Mahdi Shaji) worry about him.

What we really see is Greg’s creative process, his midlife crisis and his passion. The story is told both in the present and via flashbacks and shares the message of never giving up on fulfilling a dream. All of us have experienced some aspect of this story and it does indeed take courage to follow dreams.

Short films take us into a moment in which it is our job to find a deep meaning and feel its impact. More often than not, I am surprised at what can be done and said in such a short amount of time.

“All Over Again” is touching and like I said, its message is right there. Most of the secondary characters are there because they are the inspiration that Greg needs but I found that it took away from my concentration on the main character. This is one of those movies that make you feel good and it is now being shown at festivals. If you have a chance to see it, do so.


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