“YOU WILL BE MINE”— In the Big City


In the Big City

Amos Lassen

Marie (Judith Davis) is an inexperienced country girl who moves to the big city to study piano at the conservatory. She is very pretty but she is also naïve and innocent. She will not be entirely alone as she will be moving in with Emma (Isild Le Besco) who was her childhood friend. Emma’s father has recently passed away and her artist mother allegedly moved to New York, leaving her alone in the family’s luxurious Lyon apartment. The childhood friendship sort of ended when Marie failed to return phone calls however, in the excitement of starting at France’s second most prestigious music school, Marie’s innocent excitement allows her to get lost in her situation.

As time passes, Marie and Emma become close friends and Emma seems to be maternal in her caretaking of the less independent Marie but Marie feels trapped. Having had flirtations with course mate Sami, Marie seems keen to explore her developing sexual urges with Sami, a friend from the conservatory but Emma disapproves and makes a no visitors policy a house rule, with Marie breaking it at the very first opportunity. After a disastrous night out, in which Marie’s overt sex appeal brings unwanted attention, Emma comforts her shell-shocked friend. With her studies effected, Marie leaves the apartment for home but restarting a relationship with d Sami (Johan Libereau), she returns to the apartment where the tension remains unbearable.

Director Sophie Laloy’s gets beautifully crafted performances from both Davis and Le Besco makes for compelling viewing. The cold nature of Emma contrasts wonderfully with the warm nature of her Marie. The film is beautiful set to classical symphonies of Mozart, Bach, Chopin and Ravel.

The intimate bond that the two women shared eventually developed into an intense sexual relationship. But as Emma grows more possessive and controlling, Marie struggles to reconcile her feelings of desire with the need to escape Emma’s suffocating passion.

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