“BODY OF DECEIT”— Where is Truth?

“Body of Deceit”

Where is Truth?

Amos Lassen

“Body of Deceit” is one of those movies that are difficult to review. If I say too much I ruin the viewing experience for other for others so this will be a short review.

Some years ago, Alice (Kristanna Loken) was in a terrible accident that left her in a coma in Malta where she was staying with her husband Max (Antonio Cupo), leaving her in a coma for two weeks. Upon waking up, Alice could not remember the accident or anything about Malta. Now she works as a ghostwriter for a best-selling author, but she has been suffering from depression, cryptic nightmares and writer’s block. Max persuades Alice to return to Malta and perhaps something will unblock her mind so she can start working again and meet her last deadline.

Arriving at a beautiful Maltese villa, the couple is welcomed by the beautiful Sara (Sarai Givaty), who Max has hired to help around the house. Sara immediately forms a friendship with Alice, though they are two completely different women. Sara is sensual and self-assured while Alice is mysterious and insecure. Soon after this, a stranger, Castellano (Giulio Berruti), begins snooping around the villa, spying on Sara, talking to Alice and exchanging items with a local policeman. We begin to wonder whether everyone is who they seem to be, or is there a different version of the truth?

From that brief synopsis, you should understand why I can’t say more. We sit on the edge of our seat as we watch but also realize that we really have no idea about what is going on.

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