“The Cold Summer” by Gianrico Carofiglio— The Summer of 1992

Carofiglio, Gianrico. “The Cold Summer (Pietro Fenoglio)”, Bitter Lemon Press, 2018.

The Summer of 1992

Amos Lassen

It was cold that summer of i992 in southern Italy and it was that summer when Palermo judge Giovanne Falcone was killed alongside his wife and three police officers by a roadside explosion. Then just a few weeks later, judge Paolo Borsellino and five police officers were killed in the center of Palermo. It seemed as if someone wanted the anti-mafia judges gone but instead they became heroes.

Violence began to spread and it soon reached Bari in Puglia and it is here that we meet Maresciallo Pietro Fenoglio, an officer of the Italian Carabinieri. Life is not easy for Fenoglio of late. His wife left him and now he has to deal with that as well as with the gang wars that are taking over his town. The police are at a loss as to what to do to prevent more murders. Then, a gang member who had been accused of a child-killing agrees to collaborate and he shows how organized crime works. His testimony provides the story. Author Carofiglio had once been an anti-mafia judge himself and knows just how to use the testimony. As if this was not enough, the prosecutors are hard to distinguish from the prosecuted. We certainly get a look at the extent of organized crime in Italy.

This is not the kind of book that I usually read so it was a bit slow going at first  but once I got into it the read moved smoothly.

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