“Alias” by Cari Hunter— Recovering

Hunter, Cari. “Alias”, Bold Strokes Book, 2018.


Amos Lassen

Rebecca Elliott wakes up in a car that has been in a horrible accident. She has no idea about and neither dos she know the dead person next to her in the car. Detective Bronwen Pryce is called to the scene of an accident to find a woman barely conscious. Pryce can’t prove anything but something about this accident and this woman is telling her much more is going on.

As Rebecca struggles to recover from her injuries, a startling revelation shatters everything she thought she knew, forcing her into an uneasy alliance with Detective Bronwen Pryce. When we meet Rebecca, it seems that she is trying to escape from the wreckage.

Little by little, we learn of the past— at the same time that Rebecca remembers her own past.The book is filled with tension and suspense and these are what keep me from writing a lot bout the plot.

We see that Rebecca is not who she seems. Pryce has a feeling that there is something missing regarding the accident and will not let it go. She wants to know more about Rebecca Elliott and why she was headed out of town in such a hurry.

“Alias” is one of those books that has you turning pages as quickly as possible. We want to know what happened but I think the writers detailed writing style also helps to make this the book that it is. Crime and suspense are everywhere and there is a bit of romance in a very hot sex scene.

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