“The Astronaut’s Son” by Tom Seigel— Going Back to Move Forward

Seigel, Tom. “The Astronaut’s Son””, Woodhall Press, 2018.

Going Back to Move Forward

Amos Lassen

We never know what we are going to get when we first open a book and many times, it can take a couple of chapters to find our way into what is going on the pages. This is not the case with “The Astronaut’s Son” since it grabbed me the first sentence. I knew I would not be going anywhere for a while and that I was going to sit and read this book from cover to cover. What I discovered is one of the best literary thrillers that I have read in quite a while.

We meet Jonathan Stein who is determined to get to the moon. He feels that the only thing that could possibly stop him is a bad heart but his determination seems to rule that out. But then he learns something that rocks his very being. It seems that his father, Avi Stein, was murdered so that a NASA secret would not be exposed to the world Now Jonathan faces a difficult decision— whether he still wants to visit the moon. What Jonathan and everyone else knew was that just days before the Apollo 18 launch in 1974, Jonathan’s father, an Israeli astronaut at NASA, died of an apparent heart attack. We move forward to 2005 as Jonathan is preparing for his own ride in space and is captivated by a conspiracy theory that appeared online. By nature, Jonathan is a devout skeptic yet this theory has pulled him in as has the online theorist who has released this story. Jonathan cannot forget (now buried) childhood suspicions and they are reappearing , reopening the case. Jonathan cannot help but see that the more he digs into the past, the more compelling the story becomes. As he searches for the truth, he finds new information and revelations about the former Nazis who worked for NASA. Now Jonathan, himself, is going to have to answer some very difficult questions. I found that the more I read, the more answers I wanted and I even did a new sneak peeks ahead of where I was with the book.

As he searches for the truth, he learns about the Nazis who went to work for NASA and who had a motive for the murder of his father. the hardest questions for Jonathan to answer are the ones he must ask himself. I can say nothing more about the plot. Like Jonathan Stein, we want to know what he wants to now. Was there indeed a military government conspiracy or was Jonathan just seeing things. You may not get the answers you want but you do get a fascinating read.

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