“Love Me Tomorrow” by Ethan Day— Audiobook

Day, Ethan. “Love Me Tomorrow”, Ethan Day Audiobook, 2018, print, 2015.

Finding that Someone (Another Look)

Amos Lassen

About three years ago I reviewed Ethan Day’s “Love Me Tomorrow” and I am not sure why but I was not impressed. Then I got a notice that the audio version had had been released so I got a second chance. Jason Frazier dynamically shares the story of event

Planner Levi Goode who is in line to become the in-demand event planner for the elite of Wilde City. He has worked long and hard and has always wanted to land the account of socialite, Julia Freeman-Kingsley (socialites always seem to have hyphenated names). What had stopped him in the past was that his mother, a very headstrong ex-Vegas-showgirl has been dealing with serious having health problems leaving him little time for himself. Yet he had just managed to land Julia as a client.

Then, by chance, he meets Jake, a paramedic, who comes to take care of his mother and Levi is immediately attracted to him and thanks to his mother, the two go out on a date. What he does not know is that Jake is the brother (albeit estranged) of his new client, Julia. But then he learns that Jake already has a boyfriend and that his hopes will unfortunately remain hopes and all he can do is wish things were different. He knows that he has the change the way he feels if he wants to be friends with Jake and work with Julia and soon finds that handling Julia is an all-time job so everything will simply have to be placed on hold. Now this novel won the Rainbow Award for Best Gay Romantic Comedy so we do not have to hope that things will turn out happy.

I originally wrote that I would have liked a little more information as to why Levi was so excited about meeting and going out with Jake they did have a movie date before Levi learned that Jake was not single). Hearing the story aloud changed that—we can hear in the reading how badly Levi wants to have someone by the intonation of the reader’s voice and we also can sense his disappointment when he finds out that Jake had a boyfriend. Levi was obviously smitten with Jake and later came the surprise that was a surprise Jake’s suddenly becoming single opened the door for Levi to enter.

Day created two very likeable characters in Levi and Jake and because we sense the instant feelings they feel, we want them to come together.

So I now sand corrected on my earlier review. I did state back then that in the past I have enjoyed Day’s books and that he is a fine writer. I don’t know what happened when I originally read “Love Me Tomorrow” but the beauty of being human is that we can change our minds.

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