“Wake Me When It’s Over” by Cheryl A. Head— WOW!!!

Head, Cheryl A. “Wake Me When It’s Over”, (A Charlie Mack Motown Mystery), Bywater Books, 2018.


Amos Lassen

Let me start with two facts about me. The first is that I do not remember ever having written a review that I entitled simply “Wow!”. The second is that I am not a mystery reader. It is therefore safe to assume that there is something special bout Cheryl Head’s “Wake Me When It’s Over”. But then this book is published by the fine literary ladies of Bywater Books and I should not have expected any less.

Charlie (Charlene) Mack is a respected and fine private investigator in her hometown of Detroit and she has worked hard to make sure that she stays on top. Of course, it helps that she is ambitious. When she and her team are given the chance to take on a case that seems to be impossible, she does not waver. Charlie and her investigators are to both identify those involved in and to stop an attack on the upcoming Detroit Auto Show, the largest auto show in the world.

Mack, and her team of investigators begin immediately preparing for what they have to do. The Auto Show brings hundreds of millions of dollars into the local economy and this year it is to be followed by Super Bowl XL which Detroit will host the following month. Charlie gets the job just nine days before thousands of journalists and reporters will come to Detroit. Charlie knows people in positions of political leadership as well as titans of business and those that influence them and power brokers and with that insider knowledge plus the incentive of $100,000, she is more than sure she can handle the case. Besides Homeland Security is working with her. It did not take long before Charlie’s team to find the plot that involves several foreign countries and many bank accounts. By learning who is behind it all is only half the problem— there are dozens of hidden bombs that must be found before they go off.

Granted, what is written here sounds exciting but when you read it in Cheryl Head’s words, you will find it much more exciting. It did not take long for me to be sucked into the narrative and once there, there was no way that I would stop reading until I finished the novel. Even then, I wanted more. Once Charlie and her team had solved the auto show threat, they become drawn into a more dangerous game as they attempt to find the bombs that have been hidden and could destroy thousands of people. We have a large cast of characters and a complex situation yet everything falls into place.

After I finished reading this, I went back to look at my review of Head’s “Bury Me When I’m Dead”, her first Charlie Mack mystery and I was surprised to see that my feelings had not changed and that in effect this review and that review are very much alike. Consistency here makes perfection it perfection indeed exists and Cheryl Head is proof of that.

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