“LONGING”— Being a Parent


Being a Parent

Amos Lassen

In “Longing”, Israeli director Savi Gabizon looks at “what happens when a well-off, childless man of 55 gets a phone call from his college girlfriend and meets her at a fancy restaurant where she suddenly bursts into tears and tells him that when they broke up 20 years ago, she was pregnant? She is truly sorry she never told him but she always knew he didn’t want children. A lovely boy, a bit like him, she says. Two weeks ago the boy took her car, drove it through the railings of a bridge into the river below and died. She didn’t know what to do… she feels she has to tell him about it – after all, he is the boy’s father, isn’t he?

What can he do now but to keep on going, despite a certain sadness?  And what tectonic forces rumble beneath the surface and suddenly burst, sending him off to Acre (where his son lived and died) to stand there at the unveiling of the tombstone, looking down on  the grave of the son he never knew? What makes him stay in Acre to discover who this boy was?

As he meets his son’s friends, teachers and lover, he gradually finds himself identifying with his boy and for the first time in his life, he experiences fatherhood. 

This is a story about parenthood, about the desire to be a parent and the involvement  that comeS with it: identification and honor. This is a journey that creates near-laboratory conditions for the examination of hidden aspects of parenthood. “

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