“The Talebearer” by Sheri Lewis Wohl— The Aftermath of a Shooting

Wohl, Sheri Lewis. “The Talebearer”, Bold Strokes Books, 2018.

The Aftermath of a Shooting

Amos Lassen

“The Talebearer” defies genre classification since it mixes mystery, recovery, perseverance, psychic ability and PTSD. After being shot, Elizabeth Boone has PTSD and now has protective dog Attila, a German Shepherd. Liz also has some very close supportive friends but she is having a great deal of trouble trusting herself and what she can do. When she meets Willow Blue, a kindred spirit who is also victim of a violent crime, the two form a strong connection. Somewhat by surprise, Liz begins drawing pictures of deceased women and their final resting places and she knows that the person who shot her is still out there and still killing.

Liz is haunted by visions that she and Willow understand are the faces of the dead and of the killer who took their lives. As one by one the murdered are found, a stranger works to stop Liz before the serial killer is brought to justice. I realize that this introduction may not make a lot of sense to those who have not yet read the book but everything eventually falls into place.

When she starts having visions of a woman that has been missing for years, Liz realizes either she’s crazy or something unbelievable is going on. With a serial killer on the loose, Liz is about to find out if her visions have come to her as a gift or as a curse.

While we might see Willow as a love interest for Liz, this is not a romance in the true sense. The two women who are attracted to each other and start a connection but that is it. Besides, a serial killer is out there and that is the primary focus.

This is the first book I’ve read by Sheri Lewis Wohl so I had no expectations. As a crime story, it is a good read that had me turning pages quickly but I am not a reader of or a believer in the paranormal so those parts of the novel were a stretch for me. The book is well written and the characters are well-developed. This is a book that will find its audience quickly.

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