“NO STRAIGHT LINES: 4 DECADES OF QUEER COMICS”— Inside the World of Queer Comics

 “No Straight Lines: 4 Decades of Queer Comics”

Inside the World of Queer Comics

Amos Lassen

There’s a huge gay underground of queer fans within the comic book world, “and those skin-tight suits, the subversive ways of approaching issues and colorful fantasy worlds have been intoxicating us and drawing us in for years”. This new documentary, “No Straight Lines”, is focused on telling the stories of the LGBT cartoonists, artists, and writers who were working to tell stories outside of the mainstream. In Do It Yourself culture, these creators made zines, mini-comics, and all sorts of do-it-yourself content to tell their stories. The culture has evolved over the last forty years to include and incorporate online tools to create webcomics and the relevance has not changed.

Writer Justin Hall and filmmaker Vivian Kleiman take five queer creatives from the Hall’s anthology of the same name to feature in the film. We meet artists Ed Luce, artist of “Wuvable Oaf”, Emeric Kennard, Ajuan Mance, Nicole Georges, and Ivan Velez, Jr.

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