“Against Memoir: Complaints, Confessions & Criticisms” by Michelle Tea— On the Fringes of Society

Tea, Michelle. “Against Memoir: Complaints, Confessions & Criticisms”, Amethyst Editions, 2018.

On the Fringes of Society

Amos Lassen

Michelle Tea writes about larger-than-life people on the margins of American society. Their stories are the ones that we really do not want to think about.

Written with brutal honesty, Tea uses dark humor and “blurs the line” between her own story and the stories of others looking at how much art and life rely upon or use one another. Tea may be one of the last to write from the point of view of a queer counterculture now that LGBT life is merging with the greater society. The writing is irreverent and reflects her own life in ‘art and music, love and queerness, writing and life’.

Pain and joy come together and even exchange places and there are no borders here. Tea writes about landscape, passion, morality, family, and cigarettes as some kind of explanation for a supreme being. THz is a fun read that all pricks the subconscious and I am actually at a loss to say more aside from telling you to treat yourself to this book.

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