“Our Witness: The Unheard Stories of LGBT+ Christians” edited by Brendan Robertson— Reading the Stories

Robertson, Brendan, editor. “Our Witness: The Unheard Stories of LGBT+ Christians”, Cascade, 2018.

Reading the Stories

Amos Lassen

The stories of LGBT+ Christians have often been unheard by faith leaders and communities. While so much of the conversation about LGBT+ inclusion has focused on theology and ideology, few have actually interacted with the raw, real stories and experiences of LGBT+ Christians. LGBT+ Christian activist and theologian Brendan Robertson brings together stories of LGBT+ Christians from around the world and adds his theological insights and thus creates a powerful book whose purpose it is to challenge, convict, and inspire readers from all theological backgrounds to look into their posture and message toward the LGBT+ community and embrace the revival is finally happening among queer Christians around the world.

Even though the institutional church has persisted in excluding them, LGBT+ Christians have given Christian communities “the quiet, persistent grace of their presence, their gifts, and their love”. In the stories that we read here, they add grace-to-grace by sharing who they are and we feel the intimacy, vulnerability, and power of their stories. We hear God’s “yes’ to those who have too often been told ‘no’ by others.

Some of the stories are heart breaking; some are heartwarming, yet all show our need and God’s desire for a fully inclusive church for everyone. Stories can change hearts and minds just as people can.

Here we see loving, faithful people who have been excluded by theologians preaching bad theology and the effects have been depression and at times, suicide. Henderson has taken all his and others’ pain and put forward a positive theology and states and explains why homosexuality is not a sin and that is critical to save lives and stay true to the spirit of Christian values. The sad but powerful words here need to be heard by Christians now and in every generation.

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