“Grabbing Pussy” by Karen Finley— Sex in American Politics

Finley, Karen. “Grabbing Pussy”, OR Books, 2018

Sex in American Politics

Amos Lassen

If I had not remembered where I heard the words in the title of this book, I would have to say that it is the most tasteless title I have ever seen. But then our government is the most tasteless in the world right now so nothing should surprise us. Karen Finley is a performance artist who has based her book on her widely praised performance piece “Unicorn Gratitude Mystery” that explores the Shakespearean dynamics that surface when libidos and loyalties clash in the public and private personas of Donald Trump, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner and now Harvey Weinstein.

We are stunned as we gain insight “about the ways the darkly private can drive the public realm in dizzying twists and turns. The aggression of intimacy, the disparity of gender, and the vital importance of hair are all encompassed in Finley’s exhilarating canter.” The humor is irreverent just as the behavior of some of our members of the government. Finley grabs us and then forces us to gain awareness of the world today. We see that we are twenty-five years late in fighting the once and future culture war. Our country is torn and divided on so many common sense issues. We might not get answers here but we certainly get a great deal to think about.

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