“Documents of the LGBT Movement” edited by Chuck Stewart— The Pivotal Moments

Stewart, Chuck, editor. “Documents of the LGBT Movement” (“Eyewitness to History”), ABC/CLIO, 2018.

The Pivotal Moments

Amos Lassen

Beginning from the First People, through the influx of European settlers and the slave trade from Africa, to the modern era, this book presents and discusses documents that reflect pivotal moments in the LGBT rights movement in North America. This is the prefect little book for the activist, the thinker and everyone else. It:

  • Provides a concise yet comprehensive review of the LGBTQ rights movement from the earliest days of human society in what would become the United States to the present
  • Highlights primary document resources that embrace and reflect the diversity found in the LGBTQ community
  • Documents how the Gay Rights Movement emerged within an era of widespread antigay persecution, when it would seem that an uprising to achieve equality would be least likely.

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