“all of it is you.: poetry” by Nico Tortorella— Exploring “All of It”


Tortorella, Nico. “all of it is you.: poetry”, Crown Archetype, 2018

Exploring “All of It”

Amos Lassen

In all fairness, I must admit that until I heard about this book, I had no idea who Nico Tortorella but after reading the poem that he wrote about his penis, I knew he has to be an OK guy. However, I am not sure that a career as a “penis poet” will give him a comfortable style of living.

This is Tortorella’s debut poetry collection and in it we hear his voice that is filled with curiosity, awe and love. Nico is an actor, an advocate and a podcaster who lives with no boundaries. He takes us on a sensuous journey into who we are and how we deal with the world around us. He lets us know that the connections that we make in life are important to the understanding of who we are. His poems are provocative and filled with emotion and they hit us hard. While this is a debut collection, I cannot believe that Tortorella is a debut poet. Every word, every verse is important and he knows what he is doing here and his poems are both raw and real.

In his poetry, Tortorella looks at his own identity, gender, addiction and sex. Yes, he writes about his penis but he also writes about menstruation. It seems that to him, nothing is out-of-bounds. His interest in human sexuality is well felt here.

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