“Queer Voices from the Locker Room” edited by Cu-Hullan Tsuyoshi and Paul Chamness Miller— Autobiographical Sketches of LGBT Athletes

McGivern, Cu-Hullan Tsuyoshi and Paul Chamness Miller. “Queer Voices from the Locker Room”, Information Age, 2017.

Autobiographical Sketches of LGBT Athletes

Amos Lassen

The editors collected these autobiographical sketches in order to give LGBT athletes and their allies a space to have a voice and share the experiences that have been important in their identity as an athletic member of the LGBT+ community. Based on the narratives collected, the book is organized around themes that illustrate various perspectives and the power that sport can play in 1) finding one’s true identity, 2) bridging communities, and 3) challenging gender norm stereotypes. The hope is that what is included here will help change the expectations of what it means to be a successful athlete and promote greater inclusivity of LGBT athletes. We look forward to a non‐discriminating sporting environment that allows LGBT+ athletes to focus on their given sport without any distractions, and enable these athletes to live an authentic life without having to hide their true identity.


From Playing Field to Locker Room: Challenging Homophobia in Athletics, Cu-Hullan Tsuyoshi McGivern and Paul Chamness Miller.


The Two Sides of “Run, Faggot, Run!” Gerald Walton. Chronicles Inside and Outside of the Softball Dugout, Oscar Espinoza Parra

It Was a Good Day if I Wasn’t Called a Queer, a Faggot, or a Sissy: Reflections of a Male Figure Skater Turned Scholar, William Bridel.

Gay Rights in the Locker Room, Frank Hernandez.

Which Came First? Reflections on the Complexities of Being an Athlete and a Lesbian, Vicki A. Vescio. The Voices of Love, J. Franklin.


My (Athletic) Life, Nancy Goldberger.

The Bi-Cultural Volleyball Diaries: A Tale of Teamwork in Two Countries, Dominic Abordo.

Locker Room, Sexuality, and (Queering) Sports: A Testimonial, Wagner Xavier De Camargo.

Out of the Closet and Coaching, Nick Clark.

Evolution of an Ally, Robert Greim. No Marta, Just Ugly Betty: Soccer in Southern Brazil, Claudia Samuel Kessler.


A Sissy Speaks to Gym Teachers: How I was Formed and Deformed by Toxic Masculinity, Jeff Sapp.

Learning Masculinity: Experiences of a Gay Boxer, Benjamin R. Weiss.

No One Talks to Me in the Locker Room, Chaz Barracks.

Just Keep Swimming: Intersection of Non-Binary and Athlete, G Ryan.

Cut Both Ways: On Being Simultaneously Out and Not Out in Ballet, Asher Taylor-Dawson.

Conclusion. Weaving the Stories Together, Paul Chamness Miller and Cu-Hullan Tsuyoshi McGivern.


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