“AFTER FOREVER”— A Look at Older Gay Men


A Look at Older Gay Men

Amos Lassen

“After Forever” is a new Amazon’s micro-series that looks at the nature of commitment and its boundaries and how one faces life after the death of an intimate partner. Brian (Kevin Spiritas) has to deal with the death of his partner and husband Jason (Mitchell Anderson). He is having a very hard time despite the fact that he seems to have everything. seems to have everything has to deal with the sudden loss of his husband Jason (Mitchell Anderson) to cancer. “After Forever” looks at life after 50–and after “’til death do us part.”

The story moves between flashback and flash-forward as it looks at the final days of Jason’s illness, and then Brian getting back into life. Brian has a really good, a great group of friends, and an 8-year-old sort-of nephew to care for but the shadow of Jason looms large over his life. He must decide whether he should he start dating again and/or have sex He has no answers.

The series is composed of eight episodes each of only ten minutes. The shortness of the episodes prevents the series from getting too upsetting and this topic can certainly cause that. There is quite a cast for this show. Aside from the two lead actors, we have Michael Urie, Anita Gillette, Colleen Zenk , Peter Kim and a group of veteran Broadway performers that bring credibility and sincerity to the proceedings. Jennifer Pepperman directed with an eye on New York locations.

There has not been a lot done about the older members of the LGBT community and queer film and TV sometimes draw criticism for focusing too much on the issues of young people. “After Forever” does something totally new by focusing on and examining aging, post AIDS same-sex couples in long-term relationships. Neither life nor marriage end at 50 and while this particular story is sad, it does make us think.

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